Transfer iPhone backup to another iPhone

Question: I'm very desperate because my iPhone 3GS got stolen and now I am trying to transfer my backup to another phone, an iPhone 3. When I plug it in, it tells me that I can't restore the backup because the software on the iPhone 3 is not up to date.

So I need to set it up as a new phone first and then download the new software. Then, I'm supposed to back it up with the previous phone, however it does not let me do it. Any ideas? I really need all my contacts back.

Thank you so much for your help and for running this site!

Answer: Sorry to hear your phone was stolen – that must have been incredibly frustrating!

I was recently able to do what you described (restoring an iphone from the old iphone), so I think there's hope here for you :-)

For the old phone (the iphone 3), were you able to complete the first step of downloading the new software and getting the phone updated with the new software?

I like to take things in steps, and that would be the first step.

If you got past that step, then what error did you get when you tried to restore from the previous phone?

Hello I had same situation with my Iphone, but it was not stolled. It stopped working because of it's accumulator. I connected new Iphone to my mac and all data from my old iphone was transferred to the new device. There was no any issues.
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