How to Prevent Duplicate Blackberry Emails

Question: I keep getting duplicate emails on my Blackberry Curve 8310, and it seems to be only messages that I reply to (where the original message will show up again after I reply to it, even if it was received several weeks ago). Is there a way to turn this off?

Answer: The trick for turning off duplicate emails was to switch the account type to use my company's outlook web mail address instead of integrating directly with the exchange server.

Basically I logged into the Blackberry email account setup screen and deleted my existing email account, and then created a new one that used the same web address that I use when I log into Outlook with the web client.

The devil is in the details however, and here are the tricks I used to create a blackberry email account that used my company's outlook web address instead of exchange.

First, I logged into the blackberry internet service page ( for me since I'm with AT&T), and then deleted the account that I had set up.

Next, I created a new account using (or some bogus email address that the service won't be able to find. This is necessary because it won't show you the super advanced account configuration options unless it can't connect to your mail server, so this fakes it out).

Email messages aren't being received on my Blackberry

Question: Even though I have set up profiles for my Blackberry Curve phone, I still do not receive email messages when its on. The phone rings but not when I get email at any of the email addresses I have set up.

Can you help?

Answer: I had this problem a while back with my Blackberry Curve, and the solution was to resend the service books - something you can do from your Blackberry using it's built-in web browser, or from another computer using Internet Explorer or similar web browser.

Open the Blackberry website ( for AT&T users) and log in with your blackberry account info. Click the "Service Books" link and then click the "Send Service Books" button.

If you are experiencing difficulties sending or receiving email from your BlackBerry device, sending service books to your device will usually take care of the problem.