How do I email a photo from my LG Xenon phone?

Question: I have a red LG Xenon phone with a few pictures I've taken over the years (have had it for a while). Is there a way to send those photos to myself or friends using email? I don't have a data plan either, if that makes a difference.

Answer: Yes, you can send pictures from your LG phone using email, and you don't have to have a data plan to do it.

If you can open the picture on your phone and hold the phone vertically in the closed position, you'll see a "Send" option on the lower left side of the screen. Tap "Send" and then "Send To".

Next you'll tap the menu button at the top right of the screen. You'll see options for "Enter Number" and "Enter Email"... which is the menu option you want.

Use the keypad to enter the email address and then press "Send" to deliver it.

Using Email to Send Text Messages

I had to drop my car off at Les Schwab this morning and realized I forgot to bring my cell phone with me, so I couldn't call my wife to let her know how long I'd be.

Fortunately I had my laptop with me and was able to send her a text message using email.

To send SMS text messages to any cell phone in the US using email, just use your 10-digit phone number including area code as the first part of the email address (without any dashes or hyphens).

Use the table below to figure out the last half of the email address for each major phone carrier.

Type your text message as the email subject and don't worry about entering a message body, but remember there's a 140 character limit to text messages so keep it brief just like you would if you were using your cell phone.

Text messaging fees still apply when texting via email.

Phone Carrier SMS Text Email Address
Virgin Mobile
US Cellular
Metro PCS