Traded my iPhone 4S for a new Samsung Galaxy S4

I switched to a Samsung Galaxy S4 yesterday, after owning 3 generations of iPhones for several years. I've been pleasantly surprised at how much more I like this smart phone than my iPhone.

Better is of course relative, but I've been impressed with the larger and brighter screen, expandable memory options, far better camera (records in HD, and both front and rear cameras can record at the same time) and numerous configuration options.

AT&T also has a $200 iphone trade-in program, which made it an even swap for the 16-GB Samsung! Saved me the time and hassle of placing an ad on craigslist, and paid for the new phone in one shot.

Loving my Samsung. Not missing my iPhone. Lots of new things to learn (and to blog about along the way), but I like what I see so far.

Export movies from iPhoto

Videos taken from your iphone or ipad are imported into iPhoto when you sync your device to iTunes, but it's not very clear how to get those videos out of iPhoto. You can't use the Share -- Email option, because iPhoto only lets you share photos via email.

To share videos over email, export the video as if it were a photo, and iPhoto will convert it to a Quicktime movie format that you can attach to an email or upload to YouTube.

First, sync your iphone or ipad with iTunes, so that your photos and videos are in iPhoto. Open iPhoto and find the video you want to export.

Click the File -- Export menu option and then press the Export button.

Control Your Apps: Turn off those annoying notifications and alerts

It seems like every app I install has the need to notify me about something every day, and those alerts are always popping up on my iphone. Even when it's just in lock mode, I get scrolling reminders that someone has snap-chatted me, or connected to me on LinkedIn, or that it's time to try my luck again at the Zynga poker tables.

Fortunately you can turn off these pesky notifications, by following these easy steps:

First, go into Settings on your iphone and tap "Notifications".

Each app that can post alerts to your phone will be listed here. You'll need to tap each app, and set the Alert Style to "None", and View in Lock Screen to "Off".

Unfortunately there's no global or "Select All" setting, so you'll have to do this for each app that's listed.

Can I turn my old iPhone 3G into a pre-paid phone?

Question: I have an older iPhone 3G and my contract with AT&T is up this month. I'm going to buy a new iPhone 4S for myself but is there a way to convert the 3G into a pre-paid iPhone? That'd be ideal for my high school daughter because she'd have a preset limit that she can pay for herself. Is this possible?

Answer: The iPhone 3G or 3GS uses regular-sized sim cards that you can find in pay-as-you-go phones, like AT&T’s GoPhone.

In fact, you can convert your iPhone to a pre-paid phone plan by simply buying a cheap $25 or $30 GoPhone, taking out it's sim card and swapping it into the iPhone.

Once you have the GoPhone sim card in the iPhone you can use it just like any other prepaid phone and make all the calls you want.

Lost iPhone camera roll photos after iOS 5.0 upgrade

Question: I downloaded the iOS 5.0 software for my iPhone, and ended up loosing all my pictures on my camera roll. For some reason they didn't copy over after the upgrade and sync was finished. Did I miss a step somewhere?

Answer: Be sure you sync your iPhone before doing the iOS 5.0 upgrade, so that your camera roll photos will all be in iTunes. Then when you upgrade, they should still be on your phone or at least saved on your computer.

Photo sync settings in iTunes

Be sure you properly configure your photo syncing settings in iTunes, to make sure all of your photos are transferred to your computer when you sync your iphone!

To do this, connect your iPhone to your computer using your usb cable, select the phone in iTunes and then click the "Photos" tab.

Check the option to sync all photos (with iPhoto for the Mac in this case).

You can also transfer your camera roll photos using Window's built-in photo importer using the steps described here: http://www.rickysays.com/copy-iphone-pictures-to-windows