How to stop misdirected text messages on a Razr phone

Question: Your website is incredible - packed with info! Thanks for creating it.

I have an ongoing cell phone problem. I have Verizon (numerous Verizon tech people have checked out the phone with no resolve). I get text messages every single day (about 10-15) that are not for me. They come from all area codes and from ----@vtext.com.

Verizon says my settings are correct and all they can offer is to change my number. I've had this number for so many years, I would much rather not go there but to say that it is annoying is the understatement of the year. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Reset a RAZR phone to factory specs

I've had my Motorola RAZR V3 phone sitting in my desk for about a year now, after upgrading to a Blackberry Curve (which I recently upgraded to an iPhone).

Figured it might be worth something to someone, so I put an ad on craigslist for $50 and was able to sell it the next day for $35. Not bad for a very popular phone that take camera pictures, shoots video, browses the web, and lets you text message your friends.

Before I handed the phone over though, I wanted to erase all of the pictures and address book contacts (preferably without having to delete them one by one).

The RAZR has a built-in menu option for wiping the phone clean and resetting it to factory specifications, with all of the default settings it came with out of the box.

Click the menu button, and then select "Settings" -- "Initial Setup" -- "Master Clear".

This will reset all the default factory settings for your Razr phone, and will also delete all user content. That includes pictures, address book entries, ring tones, text messages, the work.

You'll be asked to enter a security code, which is 000000 by default for AT&T phones (6 zeros).

If you only want to reset your Razr to default factory settings but not delete your data on the phone, then choose the "Master Reset" option instead of Master Clear.

The Master Reset option won't delete your address book entries or your photos.

The Master Clear option will completely wipe your Razr of all data (ideal if you're selling your Razr and don't want any personal files to be visible to the phone's new owner).

How to set a custom ring tone for each contact on a Motorola RAZR

Question: How do I change the ring tone on my RAZR phone, and also how do I set a different ring tone for each of the contacts in my phone (so a different ring tone plays for each person in my address book)?

Answer: Configuring a default ring tone for your Motorola RAZR phone is fairly easy. Just select Menu –> Settings, and then select Ring Styles. Choose the second option, which ends with "Detail", and scroll to select the ring tone that you want.

Assigning a custom ring tone for each individual cell phone contact is a little more involved but still just a few menu clicks.

1. First, you’ll need to enable custom ring tones (referred to as ringer IDs in the Motorola user’s guide) by selecting Menu –> Settings –> Ring Styles –> Style Detail –> Ringer IDs –> On.

2. Next, you’ll assign a custom ring tone for each contact by first selecting the contact (Menu –> Phonebook) . Then, with the contact selected, press Menu –> Edit –> Ringer ID. You’ll see a list of ring tones on your phone, and you can select the one you want to ring when you receive a call from that contact.

This feature is very handy because it lets you know exactly who is calling even before having to look at Caller ID, just by hearing the ring tone that's set for that contact.

Does Motorola's PhoneTools Program Work on Vista?

Question: I'm a big fan of Motorola's PhoneTools software, and I've used it for a while on Windows XP to copy pictures from my phone to my PC. I recently upgraded to Vista though, and now PhoneTools won't recognize my phone. What's the trick to getting it to work?

Answer: I've also used PhoneTools for quite a while and would say it's my hands-down favorite program for connecting my wife's RAZR V3 phone to our laptop, so we can copy pictures and ring tones between the laptop and her phone (and vice versa).

I was able to get it running on Vista but first I had to download and install the Motorola USB Driver v3.5.0 for Windows (32-bit) to get it working on Vista.

Motorola makes you create an account, which always drives me nuts, so I downloaded it and saved it on my web server so at least you won't have to create an account. You can get the Vista RAZR drivers here without having to create an account.

Once you download and install the driver, then you'll be able to run PhoneTools and it will recognize your RAZR phone on Vista with a USB data cable or Bluetooth connection:

How to transfer photos with a pay-as-you-go phone

Question: My wife and I are pay-as-you-go T-Mobile customers who have just found that the Razr V3 phones give us most of what we're looking for; however in trying to "rescue" some photos off our old phones to bring some shots we valued over to the new ones, I was told that we couldn't email the photos from our computer back to our new phones without signing up for some other service that our pay-as-you-go accounts didn't at this point provide.

Can you explain to me what they're talking about? (PS. I was able to save our old phone photos by putting our sim cards back into our old phones-one at a time-and sending the photos to each other's new phones, then swapping them with each other's new phones).

Answer: The service they're referring to is probably a data plan, which is what I also am required to have in order to email pictures with my AT&T plan. Transferring photos can be expensive though, with rates often running at 10 cents per kb of file size (meaning that even a small 100kb picture would cost you a dollar each time you transfer it).

An easier and free (well, free aside from the software) way to transfer pictures between a Razr phone and your computer is to use Motorola's PhoneTools software to transfer them using a USB data cable.