Essential Blackberry Email Tips and Tricks

Here are a few handy shortcuts for Blackberry email that most Blackberry owners just won't be able to live without.

1. Mark All Messages As Read/Opened

Select the most recently dated email in your main email folder (the one at the top).

Press the menu button, and choose the "Mark Prior Opened" option.

All of your email messages will be marked as opened, taking your message counter back down to zero (perfect for obsessive-compulsive guys like me who just have to keep track of new messages vs read/opened messages).

You can also select any previous day in your email inbox, in which case choosing the "Mark Prior Opened" menu option will only mark all messages previous to that day (including messages from that day).

2. Delete All Messages

As email messages pile up in your inbox faster than you can individually delete them, you'll probably start looking for an option that will delete all email messages from your Blackberry.

Select the top-most day in your email inbox, press the menu button, and choose the "Delete Prior" option to immediately remove all email messages from your Blackberry email inbox.

You can also select a prior day in your inbox, and only messages prior to and including that day will be deleted.

Be careful with this one though. It's a very handy option that keeps your email inbox under control, but there's no "Undo" feature, so deleting email messages is a permanent operation that happens immediately.

3. Move to the Top