My Geeked Out Road Warrior Survival Pack

I've built up a respectible arsenal of gadgets and devices while logging almost 200,000 miles in frequent flier miles this year.

Some are necessities, and some are just for fun. Some are just to keep my sanity on longer trips like the one I'm taking this week to Cologne, Germany.

My geeked out road warrior survival pack includes everything from a lithium-ion battery pack that gives my iphone 2 extra charges, to a sleek pair of noise canceling Bose headphones that block out the majority of jet airplane engine noises.

It also makes a great Christmas shopping list for the business traveler or technology addict in your life ;-)

Here's my Letterman's countdown of top ten must-have gadgets when traveling for business or pleasure:

10. Starbuck's Via 3-pack. Technology aside... Let's face it - hotel room coffee tastes horrible no matter what brand they use.

I really need a good cup of coffee to start the day off right (especially for east coast trips where it feels like I'm getting up at 4 a.m.) and these instant coffee packs from Starbucks are just as good as the real thing. You can get hot water from just about anywhere, including an in-room coffee maker without the coffee grounds.

9. iPod nano with armband. Yes, I have an iPhone too (see #1 below) but a small ipod is more convenient for working out, and also provides more hours of music for helping long flights go by faster.

8. Camera. I bring my Nikon D50 DSLR camera along with a 300mm zoom lens when I want to be sure and capture the city views in high quality (and I usually have some time after business hours for touring the city).

Norton finds High Risk Trojan Horse Viruses

Last year I trashed on Norton because it failed to protect my home computers from Malware Alarm, and instead gave props to Panda Antivirus.

A rep from Norton reached out to me a couple weeks ago, and asked if I'd give them a second chance with their new flagship program Norton 360. He said they'd greatly improved their focus on virus protection, and was confident that they'd addressed the issues I raised in my earlier review.

I'm all about second chances, so I downloaded and installed Norton 360 on both of my home computers - one that's used primarily by my kids upstairs for games, and my wife's laptop that she uses for email, shopping online, and of course Facebook. My Panda subscription had expired, so these machines had been running unprotected for a while. I was getting some windows error popups every time I started the kids computers - indicating that a file or memory address could not be accessed, and who knows what else had snuck onto those machines while browsing the web and playing online games (my kids tend to just click "Ok" whenever they see popups, a habit I'm trying to get them to stop).

After installing Norton, which includes a license for up to 3 computers, I ran a full scan to check for viruses, spyware, tracking cookies, malware - the works.

It turned out I had 4 trojan horse viruses lurking on my system, which Norton was able to detect and delete. Trojans are dangerous viruses that work secretly in the background to download and run fraudulent security tools, keyloggers, adware, web browser toolbars and other malicious applications.