Traded my iPhone 4S for a new Samsung Galaxy S4

I switched to a Samsung Galaxy S4 yesterday, after owning 3 generations of iPhones for several years. I've been pleasantly surprised at how much more I like this smart phone than my iPhone.

Better is of course relative, but I've been impressed with the larger and brighter screen, expandable memory options, far better camera (records in HD, and both front and rear cameras can record at the same time) and numerous configuration options.

AT&T also has a $200 iphone trade-in program, which made it an even swap for the 16-GB Samsung! Saved me the time and hassle of placing an ad on craigslist, and paid for the new phone in one shot.

Loving my Samsung. Not missing my iPhone. Lots of new things to learn (and to blog about along the way), but I like what I see so far.

Why You Can't Watch Netflix on a Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung Galaxy Tabs run on an Android 2.2 operating system, and Netflix doesn't currently have an app for viewing Netflix movies on android devices.

UPDATE: You can now download the Netflix app and run it on a Galaxy Tab.

You can manage your Netflix queue and search for the latest movies using the Galaxy's built in web browser, but you won't be able to watch movies through the browser because that requires MS Silverlight (which can't be installed on an Android).

According to Netflix, they are working on an Android app that will let viewers watch movies like they can on iPhones and iPads, but that was posted way back in November 2010 so I'm not holding my breath 5 months later:

How to clean the screen on a Samsung Blackjack

Question: I recently purchased a Samsung Blackjack II. I have had it less than a week...there is so much dust that has accumulated under the screen and it is driving me crazy. I carry it in a leather case all the time. Is there a safe way to clean the screen and once I do, how can I prevent this from happening!! I have never had this problem with other cell phones I have owned. Thanks so much!!