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Missing Last Track

Hi Ricky - followed your instructions how to copy CD onto ipod which was great and really clear. Have downloaded the latest version of itunes but every CD we copy itunes hangs on completion of the last track and have to end program hence the last song of each CD isn't copied and doesn't appear in itunes library. Do you have any idea what we can do? Thanks

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How to Connect a Router to a Blu-Ray System?

Question: I have DSL/cable package via Time Warner, which is hooked up to my PC in the back bed room. It has a wireless router which allows me to connect my laptop to the internet. I also just purchased a Samsung Blu-Ray P2550 player with built in Netflix and Pandora internet radio (which sits in my living room).

Long story short, I need to connect a router to the Blu Ray in order to utilize Pandora. What router would you recommend I purchase? or is there a better alternative to connect the Blu Ray to Time Warner's cable/DSL system?