Upload photos from a DVD to Facebook

Last week I took my family to Cabo for vacation, and we did one of those snorkeling cruises where they take all kinds of great pictures and then let you purchase the DVD of all the photos (which I did). When we returned home, I wanted to upload those pictures to my facebook page so my friends and family could see them.

It's a 2-step process. First I imported the photos from the DVD to my computer, and then I uploaded those pictures from my computer to my facebook page.

Here's how to upload photos from a DVD to Facebook

1. Import the photos from your DVD to your computer.

Insert your DVD into your computer's DVD drive and wait for the Autoplay dialog to pop up.

Choose the "Import pictures and videos" option. You can tag your photos with something that'll help you find them later, and then click "Import" to copy them from the DVD to your computer.

The pictures will be uploaded to your Pictures folder, which is "C:\Users\Rick\Pictures" on my computer.

2. Upload the photos from your computer to your Facebook page.

Now that the photos have been imported to your computer, you're ready to upload them to Facebook.

Log into your Facebook account and click "Add Photo / Video" at the top of your homepage.

Click "Create Photo Album" and then click "Select Photos to Upload".

You'll be prompted for the location of your photos that are on your computer from Step 1 above. Find them, select the ones you want to upload, and that's all there is to it!

Here's another tip: hold the Ctrl key down while selecting photos. This will let you select individual photos on your computer.

Happy uploading, and I'm sure your friends will love seeing the new photos you'll be posting :-)

How to Access Facebook and YouTube using your Wii

Did you know you can use your Wii for more than just playing games?

Nintendo packed a lot of useful features into the Wii such as the ability to connect to the Internet over a wireless network. Once you have your Wii connected, you can browse the web using the built-in Opera web browser on the Wii, and can access websites like Facebook and YouTube.

First, let's walk through the steps for connecting your Wii to your home wifi network. My 10-year-old son Regan figured out how to do this, and here's the steps to take.

Turn on your TV and start up your Wii. Select Wii Options from the main menu.

Next Select Wii Settings.

Scroll to the right through the Wii Settings until you see "Internet".

Select "Connection Settings".

Choose the first option for "Connection 1".

Select "Wireless Connection".

Select "Search for an Access Point" and then select "Use this connection" when you find your wireless network name.

The steps listed above will connect your Wii to the Internet and now you're ready to install the Internet Channel, which will install a web browser and let you view sites like Facebook and YouTube.

Go back to the main Wii menu and select the "Wii Shop Channel".

Click "Start Shopping" and then choose the "Wii Channels" option.

How do I get Facebook notifications on my Blackberry?

Question: hi i have question, i just downloaded facebook mobile onto my blackberry and my friends have facebook on their blackberry but they get a little icon with an f on the top of their screen when they get a notification or friend request or message and i just get a text from a code. How would i be able to recieve that little blue f icon on the top of my blackberry and not just recieve a text from a 5 digit code? Please help me out!!! thank you!!

Answer: I received some great tips from a couple people who deserve the credit, so please read their answers below in the comments section.

Many thanks to Dennis and @powerwheelz for the step-by-step instructions.

On a related note, if you're wondering where to get the Facebook app for your Blackberry, here's the link, and here's the Blackberry Facebook User's Guide.

Uploading Photos from Picasa to Facebook

I've been snapping pictures left and right with my new Canon Powershot, especially now that the holiday season is underway and I've been on vacation all week - plenty of photo opps with Thanksgiving dinner and the kids helping me put up Christmas lights.

I wanted a way to share these pictures with friends and family using all free tools (preferably a single software program), and what better place to do that than Facebook?

Google's free Picasa photo editor can import photos from your camera's SD memory card, and you can install a plugin that will let you upload photos directly from Picasa to Facebook (notice the Facebook button in the Picasa toolbar shown below).

Here's how to install the Facebook plugin in Picasa so you can upload photos directly from Picasa to Facebook:

1. Open Facebook in your web browser and click "Applications" in the lower left side of your Facebook home page. Then click "Browse More Applications" in the popup menu.

2. Enter "picasa" in the application search field on the top left of the page, and select the first match named "Picasa":

3. Click on "Go to Application" to configure the Picasa plugin.

4. Install the Picasa plugin, which will install the Facebook button in Picasa.


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