How to Repair Corrupted Outlook Folders

Microsoft Outlook usually does a decent job of maintaining it's email folders, but if your computer ever crashes or accidentally gets a power cord yanked out then there's a chance these folders will get corrupted.

Outlook won't be able to start back up until these errors are fixed, but fortunately there's a scanpst.exe tool that's included with Outlook that can often resolve the problem in a few seconds.

The Outlook scan repair tool is included with your Outlook installation in the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12 folder (for Office 2007). Find scanpst.exe in that folder and double-click it to start the Outlook Inbox Repair program.

Outlook saves it's email folders in a file with a .ost extension if you're using a Microsoft Exchange email account, or with a .pst extension if you're using a standard POP3 email account. This file is located in your user directory along with any archives you've saved. On my Windows XP system, this folder can be found here (simply replace rick.palmer with your own account name to find it on your system):

C:\Documents and Settings\rick.palmer\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook

In the Outlook Inbox Repair utility, click "Browse" to find the location of your damaged Outlook file. You can also enter the path shown on the initial error message shown at the top of this article.

Click "Start" on the Inbox Repair utility and it will begin processing your Outlook file. On my system it only took a few seconds and was able to repair the Outlook file, putting me back in business with email.

Transfer Blackberry Contacts to an iPhone

Just traded in your Blackberry for a shiny new iPhone? Wise choice.

Here's how to transfer contacts from your old Blackberry to your new iPhone, and without buying anything extra along the way (completely free solution).

We'll do this in two main steps:

1. Transfer contacts from the Blackberry address book to Outlook on your computer (or Windows Mail).

2. Sync your iPhone with your computer using iTunes, which will transfer the contacts from Outlook to your iPhone.

Make sure that both the Blackberry Desktop Manager and iTunes are installed on your system, and that your Blackberry is connected to your computer with a usb data cable.

1. Transfer contacts from a Blackberry to Outlook

Run the Blackberry Desktop Manager program and click "Synchronize" from the main menu screen. Select "Synchronization" below the Configuration menu option to get to the Synchronization Configuration screen.

There you'll click the "Synchronization" button to configure the synchronization settings.

(that was a mouthfull of synch-related words wasn't it? Hang in there)

You'll be asked to choose the device applications to synchronize. Choose "Address Book", and then choose "Outlook".

If you don't have Outlook on your system, then you can choose "Windows Mail" instead.

Next you'll configure how you want to sync your contacts, either bi-directionally or just from your blackberry to Outlook (which is the option I chose):

Click "Next" and then "Finish" to complete the synchronization settings. This will take you back to the synchronization screen.