How do I email a photo from my LG Xenon phone?

Question: I have a red LG Xenon phone with a few pictures I've taken over the years (have had it for a while). Is there a way to send those photos to myself or friends using email? I don't have a data plan either, if that makes a difference.

Answer: Yes, you can send pictures from your LG phone using email, and you don't have to have a data plan to do it.

If you can open the picture on your phone and hold the phone vertically in the closed position, you'll see a "Send" option on the lower left side of the screen. Tap "Send" and then "Send To".

Next you'll tap the menu button at the top right of the screen. You'll see options for "Enter Number" and "Enter Email"... which is the menu option you want.

Use the keypad to enter the email address and then press "Send" to deliver it.

How to Transfer Pictures from an LG Shine to a PC

Question: How do I transfer photos from my new LG Shine CU720 to my PC?

Answer: The user's guide for the Shine is really vague on how to do this. From page 85 is says: "You can transfer files from a compatible PC to the memory in your phone using the Mass Storage option. When you connect the phone to a PC using the USB cable, this will be displayed as a removable disk through Windows Explorer."

Not much help at all, and they fail to mention that you have to buy and insert a memory card into your phone before mass storage is even an option!

This article will explain in more detail how to transfer photos from your LG Shine to your PC computer.

What you'll need

  • MicroSD memory card (you can get one from Wireless Emporium for about $20)
  • USB Data Cable (any standard usb cable will work)

How to do it

Once you have the memory card and usb cable, here are the instructions you'll need to follow:

1. Insert the memory card into your phone.
2. Go to Settings, Connection, USB Connection Mode, and select Mass Storage.
3. Connect the phone to the computer with the data cable and your computer should recognize and install a driver.
4. Once the driver is installed, you can view the phone just as you would a removable hard drive. Simply drag and drop any mp3s or photos directly from the phone to your computer (or vice versa).