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How to copy pictures from your iPhone to Windows

The iPhone's built-in camera makes it easy to snap high quality photos, but the process for copying those photos to your computer using iTunes is clunky and a little different than you'd expect from most digital cameras.

Fortunately it's easy to just copy photos from your iPhone to your PC using Window's photo importer.

How to copy pictures from your iPhone to Windows without using iTunes:

1. Plug in your iPhone to your computer using the usb data cable that comes with your iPhone. Windows will detect your iPhone and ask you what actions you'd like to take:

2. Click "Import pictures" to start the import process.

3. Enter a keyword tag to let you easily find your pictures after they've been uploaded to your computer.

4. Click the "Import" button to start the import process. You can also choose to remove photos from your iPhone once they've been uploaded.

Once your photos have been copied over to your computer, Windows will open the Photo Gallery and will show you the pictures you've just uploaded.

No syncing, no fuss, and no iTunes or extra software required. Just photos copied over to your PC like you'd expect.