Does Motorola's PhoneTools Program Work on Vista?

Question: I'm a big fan of Motorola's PhoneTools software, and I've used it for a while on Windows XP to copy pictures from my phone to my PC. I recently upgraded to Vista though, and now PhoneTools won't recognize my phone. What's the trick to getting it to work?

Answer: I've also used PhoneTools for quite a while and would say it's my hands-down favorite program for connecting my wife's RAZR V3 phone to our laptop, so we can copy pictures and ring tones between the laptop and her phone (and vice versa).

I was able to get it running on Vista but first I had to download and install the Motorola USB Driver v3.5.0 for Windows (32-bit) to get it working on Vista.

Motorola makes you create an account, which always drives me nuts, so I downloaded it and saved it on my web server so at least you won't have to create an account. You can get the Vista RAZR drivers here without having to create an account.

Once you download and install the driver, then you'll be able to run PhoneTools and it will recognize your RAZR phone on Vista with a USB data cable or Bluetooth connection:

How to transfer pictures from a RAZR phone to a PC

Question: "It seems like the only way I can get pictures from my phone to my computer is to email them, which costs about 75 cents a picture depending on the picture size (at least with my Cingular wireless service plan). Is there another way to transfer them?"

Answer: Yes, there are two other ways to transfer photos from your Razr phone to your PC (or vice versa) without paying any wireless provider fees:

  1. USB Data Cable
  2. Bluetooth

I'll discuss each of these approaches in this article.

Transfer Pictures To Your PC with a USB Data Cable

Cell phone manufacturers want you to transfer photos from your cell phone using email, because that way they can charge your for the data transfer. However, if you have a USB data cable or a bluetooth connector (discussed below), then you can transfer pictures, video, and ringtones directly without recurring carrier service fees.

You'll need software to recognize your cell phone and handle the transfer with a USB data cable. There are several affordable programs that will let you transfer photos, videos, and ring tones from your cell phone to your PC. They also let you copy them from your PC to your cell phone.

Motorola PhoneTools

Motorola's PhoneTools software is built specifically for Motorola phones like the RAZR or the new KRAZR.

PhoneTools allows you to transfer photos and videos directly from your Razr phone to your PC (or from a PC to your Razr phone). The PhoneTools' Multimedia Studio and File Transfer Studio let you see all your photos, audio and video clips in the same window. You'll see your computer on the left and your phone on the right.

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