This is the year when Social Business Software will transform the world

Remember several years ago when CRM applications starting popping up left and right?

They let companies keep track of their customer interactions much more effectively - ever wonder how your dentist always seems to remember exactly what you told him on your last visit, or how those birthday cards automatically show up from your insurance agents each year?

That's all driven by customer relationship management software - a market category that's recognized across all industries.

This year there's a new market category that was just announced last week by Jive Software. It's called Social Business Software (SBS), and it's going to have even more profound of an impact on the world than CRM.

You're probably already using social networking software like Facebook and LinkedIn to re-connect with old friends and stay in touch with your current friends, but those sites aren't designed for business purposes.

What if you could take those social collaboration features and convert them into tangible business value for your company? You'd be a hero, wouldn't you?

That's what SBS does.

Jive has defined the SBS business category and leads the way with analysts from Forrester and Gartner. They've also released a fully integrated suite of SBS applications that connect customers, employees and partners in ways even more powerful than Facebook.

You can expect to see numerous other vendors jumping into this new space, which is all about the power of a new approach to getting work done.

  • It's about responding to a bad economy in a proactive way.
  • It's about harnessing a different way to produce positive business outcomes in an age of unprecedented uncertainty.
  • It's about doing a lot more, with a lot less.

I think this is exactly what companies need in the midst of an economic downturn, and it's exciting to be able to witness SBS first hand.

Some day our kids will use SBS at work like we use email today. Good bye to email treasure hunts and redundant meetings. Hello SBS, and collaboration, and awesomeness.


Hey Rick,

This new software sounds really cool. I'd love to see how it works. I have a couple questions for you. You say that you expect other vendors to start entering this space as well. Does your software have an open architecture that would enable it to easily integrate with other applications like this?

What about integrating with current social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter? While the keyword for most of these is "social", a lot of people are using them as a business tool. So being able to integrate and/or import information from these sites would be critical to adoption I think.