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Deciding between iPad Wi-Fi + 3G or HTC EVO 4G

When Apple first released the iPad it only came with Wi-Fi support and I waited in line that day along with thousands of others, only to get to the end of the line and have the guy in front of me buy the last one.

I went home empty-handed that day but decided it was probably for the better anyway, knowing that support for 3G was on the near horizon. In fact, I've had an iPad Wi-Fi + 3G on reserve for a few days now at the Apple store, just waiting for one to arrive.

Only now I'm torn because Sprint just released their HTC EVO with 4G support, and it also acts as a Wi-Fi access point. The EVO will provide wireless internet access for up to 8 devices, and it's 4G connection speed is reported to be up to 10 times faster than 3G network speed.

I could save $129 on the iPad and just get the regular Wi-Fi model, and then use the HTC EVO from Sprint to provide a wireless access point wherever I go. Plus, I could connect my laptop to the internet using the same access point.

The HTC has some downsides though. It's battery life has already been receiving a lot of complaints, and the 4G speed comes at an extra $10/month premium. That's $10 above the $69 I'd already be spending for Sprint's data plan, and that's assuming there was actually a 4G network available (which isn't guaranteed given all the places I travel on a regular basis).

That all being said, I'm locked into AT&T for at least another year with my iPhone, which I wouldn't have much use for if I bought the HTC EVO, and I'd be locked into another 2-year contract with Sprint with a double-payment (one to AT&T for the iPhone and one to Sprint for the HTC EVO).

One thing I actually like about AT&T's 3G data plan for the iPad is that it doesn't require a contract. I can pay $29.99 month-to-month for unlimited data transfer for the iPad, and between the iPhone and iPad I should have almost everything I'll need (on top of the Macbook Pro I'll be getting at work next week).

For now I plan to buy the iPad Wi-Fi + 3G as soon as I get the email notification from Apple saying it's arrived at the store, and I hope it arrives before June 7th when AT&T is rumored to be capping it's unlimited data plan at 2 gigs per month.

Either way, that should still be plenty bandwidth for my needs, and it also gives me Wi-Fi hotspot access wherever I travel in the USA.

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I agree that HTC Evo 4G is a great device. You probably should have chosen it over the iPad. Though of course, if you've already got a contract with AT&T for your iPhone, than maybe purchasing Evo right now is not worth overpaing. I guess you'll generally manage pretty successfully with the iPad Wi-Fi + 3G. And then, maybe later there will appear some better device supporting 4G, and by that time you'll have finished with your contract and will be able to switch to something new.

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