How to transfer photos with a pay-as-you-go phone

Question: My wife and I are pay-as-you-go T-Mobile customers who have just found that the Razr V3 phones give us most of what we're looking for; however in trying to "rescue" some photos off our old phones to bring some shots we valued over to the new ones, I was told that we couldn't email the photos from our computer back to our new phones without signing up for some other service that our pay-as-you-go accounts didn't at this point provide.

Can you explain to me what they're talking about? (PS. I was able to save our old phone photos by putting our sim cards back into our old phones-one at a time-and sending the photos to each other's new phones, then swapping them with each other's new phones).

Answer: The service they're referring to is probably a data plan, which is what I also am required to have in order to email pictures with my AT&T plan. Transferring photos can be expensive though, with rates often running at 10 cents per kb of file size (meaning that even a small 100kb picture would cost you a dollar each time you transfer it).

An easier and free (well, free aside from the software) way to transfer pictures between a Razr phone and your computer is to use Motorola's PhoneTools software to transfer them using a USB data cable.

PhoneTools also lets you transfer several pictures at a time, and it doesn't cost you any money each time you do a transfer.

The PhoneTools program is pretty cheap if you get it from a Motorola Reseller. It's $39.95 directly from Motorola, but you can get it from about half that from Wireless Emporium.

It will let you connect your phone to your computer using a USB data cable (included with the software), and will let you transfer photos, ring tones, videos, and contacts. Very easy to use, with a Windows Explorer look and feel:

Also, be sure to check out the other article I wrote about transferring photos from a Razr phone to a PC:

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