How do I convert an image from bmp to gif or other formats?

Question: <i>Do you have any software programs that you recommend - preferably free - for converting images and photos into other file format? I have some pictures that are in bitmap format (.bmp file extension) and I'd like to convert them to gif or jpg.</i> Answer: For Windows users, definitely check out the <a href="" target="_blank" title="Paint.NET">Paint.NET</a> project. Paint.NET is completely free and is way easier to use than Gimp or PhotoShop (in my opinion), yet has plenty of features to match these well-known programs. It's the only program I use anymore for photo editing, converting images to different formats, resizing images, cropping photos, etc. To convert your pictures to a different format, simply open them in Paint.NET and then choose the File -- Save As menu to select a different file format: <center><img src="/images/paint.jpg" /></center> There are numerous other programs and tools for photo editing that are also worth looking at, such as those mentioned on this list from Michael Sigler's blog: <a href="" title="Design resources from everyone - Michael Siglers blog" target="_blank">Design resources for everyone</a> (impressive list - nice work Michael).

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