Connect an iPod Touch to the Internet from a Cell Phone or Aircard

Question: Is there a way to get a wifi signal to your itouch from either your cell phone or connect an aircard to the touch?

Answer: I haven't found a way to do this, but a couple readers indicated that it might be possible using a Blackberry.

Anyone up for creating an itouch app for this? :-)

I didn't see an answer to this question, but I was just wondering the very same thing.

If someone comes up with a way, I will be eternally grateful.

im so sick and tired of havin to search for a weak signal that runs my battery dead. With my psp i could connect my phones internet. and i know its a way to do it with the ipod touch. i just need to find someone who knows how to. I have metro pcs and the g1.

How did you connect your PSP to your cell phone's internet?

This would be a valuable tool. This is my first attempt at finding the answer to that very question. Z

Verizon does offer a great "hotspot" maker -- the MiFi 2200 which is almost as small as the iPod and acts as a wireless router for up to 5 users. Unfortunately it costs about $99 with a rebate and $60 a month for the the service. It is indeed powerful and fast, but the caveat is the 5gig limit per month on data -- so don't share with strangers who could use that up! But for my purposes this is still too much to add to all the service fees i pay for various things. I want some thing simple: a tiny little aircard which plugs into the iPod or is wireless, to use for quick, causal needs like GPS, email check etc... so far nothing found..

Actually their is a way to get the internet from ur blackberry to ur ipod touch I have done this with my blaclberry storm from verizone anand my acer one with mac on it all u need is a mac an a program which u need to run on ur mac an on ur blackberry called tetherberry just google it once u hv connected the blackberry on ur mac an u have the internet up an running u need to go in to the inter net shareing and turn that on now u got to ur ipod and conect to ur network that ur computer has made and ur all set

you can get WMWiFi (or whatever it's called)

I found a fantastic application that works to establish an internet connection via my Blackberry Bold (T-Mobile) to my ipod Touch 3rd Generation (I think 2nd generations will work too). This establishes a connection in the same way that you would from your Blackberry to your laptop via a BlueTooth connection. You will have to install Cydia and install the application called iBluever. You can read up on it here:

There is a demo application that you should install first to test your settings. The developer recommends that you test it first before buying the full version. The full version costs $5... well worth it to keep the development of the little app going, if you ask me.

But what settings and codes do you use on the ibluever app to actually make them connected ? Thanks