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i don't know who designed this media manager thing but let me just it is not userfriendly, and there isn't anything in the manual that helps.

I did not have a media card, but i did have my usb cable. this is what i did. i downloaded the 5.0 version of bb desktop manager from att website, go to it search for blackberry desktop software, you will see where it says to download, make sure you select the one that says download with media manager. Save the program so that it can download. This download will take 1 hour Then u will see a screen that has media manager launch, click it then it will tell you that you need to install media manager, say yes, this took 2 hours for me. once that happened, it will then tell you to restart your computer.

okay,after all of that connect your bb to the computer with a usb cable, you see on the screen of your bb that it is connected.
click on your bb desktop icon, click media manager, you will see a picture like the one shown above, click split view you will then see half the screen my media, the bottom half my device(bb) on the bottom screen
go to the picture folder, all your pictures should pop up on the bottom screen. to copy onto ur computer, hit the new folder tab icon that's located to the right of the my media tab. then go back to the bottom half of the screen click your photo then hit copy up that should do it. I don't know how to select all the pictures to copy at once, sorry. hope this helps