How do I clean the dust from under my RAZR phone's screen?

Question: I took my black Motorola RAZR phone with me to the beach a while ago, and somehow the wind blew a bunch of sand underneath the screen. Is there a way to remove the screen cover so I can clean out the dust?

Answer: Cleaning the dust from under your Motorola Razr cell phone screen can be done in less than 5 minutes by prying the screen cover off and wiping out the dust.

Using a small pocket knife blade or some other thin edged tool, start at one of the bottom sides, near the screen cover's hinge, and carefully pry off the cover, loosening as you go. The glue that holds the screen cover on is a tacky substance and will re-stick after you've cleaned the screen. Slowly and carefully slide the knife along the edge of the flexible plastic, and lift it up as it pulls free of the adhesive.

You can leave the bottom of the screen attached while you wipe with a very soft cleaning cloth or compressed air. Remove the dust off of the screen and then simply press the screen cover back down and run your thumbs around the edges to reseal it.

That's all it takes, and you don't need to buy any fancy tools.

You can also protect your RAZR with a set of Motorola RAZR screen protectors. These screen guards are made of micro thin polymers that will protect your screen from scratches and keep it looking new. Each screen protector sheet lasts about 5 to 6 months.

As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth... well, you know.


I went out and bought the Torx toolset from Amazon for about $10, which included the T5 bit. I thought you'd have to unscrew the four screws around the corners of the screen cover in order to remove it.

Nice to see that tools aren't needed, and hopefully this article will save others from making the same mistake!

Thank you!!! The dust has been bothering for many months now. Actually I have been told that it is not really dust but rather skin shedding from your ear. The shedding gets in at the top of the phone. Anyway... I used a razor to pry open the shield and this took me no more than 5 seconds. Wiped the bad boy clean and now it is good as new.

Thanks Ricky

I can't believe I actually found this easy solution - I paid someone at a mobile phone store $20 to fix this for me!

I bought a cover for my samsung phone and I can't figure out how to put it on. Can you help me?

Which Samsung phone is it? (model name)

ithought i had to get a new phone ;because the dust was so bad in my motorolla razor, i had looked it up online a few times, but everywhere i searched it said you needed to buy a new screen, &tools, &perhaps a new phone, etc. but luckily before i made any of those purchases, i saw this page, this has been bugging me for a few months, thank you so much for solving my problem. :)

i just bought a nokia 6111 off a friend and its got really bad dust and particles in the screen, and being the phone that it is .. its expensive to get cleaned up at the shops and i rekon im being excessively charged.... is there any chance your a nokia wiz?

oh and how much do u think itll cost for it to be recased with a new one

thanks for the awesome fix! finally got all that sand outta my phone!


I've been looking at this problem for months.
Finally fixxed

wow my phone was so dirty. i was just about to go and get a new one. but than i did this and now it looks new again...

Hi all.
I got the dust out from under my inner screen according to the outlined protocol. Great, but my inner screen wasn't so bad.
My outer screen has a fuzz I guess from pocket fuzz accumulating. How does one attact this one?

Puzzled Motorola V-RAZR owner

Thank you! My Motorola Razor had a lot of dust in it also, and I could not find anyone to fix it. Finally I tried this, and it works as simply as this guy says it does.

Thank U! I was considering selling my new Luxury RAZR for half of what I bought it for just to get rid of the terrible screen but now I can keep it! Awesome post.

Thanks for the post, in seconds i cleaned my razor phone screen and wow it's like new.

I didn't have a small pocked knife, so I used a safety pin, the sharp point was a little bent, so I used it kinda like a crowbar and starting from the top near the blue motorola emblem inserted the point. I also had my thumb on the screen and used a little pressure while pulling it downward to give the pin more room to go in between the screen the phone. I just worked like that around the top and was able to get my finger in there to help out. Thanks for the post! My screen looks awesome now!

Thanks, got one of these phones off the girlfriend and it was really dusty underneath, now it looks new-ish.