Cell phone screen is broken - how do I transfer pictures?

Question: I need to move some pictures from my phone to my PC. I have a usb cable, but I can't see the screen on my phone. AT&T sent me a new phone but need pictures off the old phone. Can you help me with this?

Answer: You can still transfer pictures from your cell phone to your computer if the screen is broken, by using your usb data cable and driver software to handle the transfer (which doesn't rely on your phone menus or screen).

The usb cable will connect your phone to your PC, and the driver software will show you a list of all the files on your phone. That includes photos, ring tones, contacts, and videos (if your phone plays videos).

Here's what you'll need to do:

1. Turn your cell phone on and connect it to your computer.

Any USB data cable that fits the standard USB port on your phone and your computer will work, so there's no need to go buy an expensive cable. It will also charge your phone while it's connected.

2. Start up the driver software that came with the USB cable.

If no software came with your USB data cable, then you'll need to purchase that separately, since Windows needs the right drivers in order to recognize your phone.

A couple programs I've tried and recommend are DataPilot and also Ringtone Media from Avanquest (handles picture transfers and ringtone creation/transfer).

Both of these works with all major phone types and will show you a list of folders on your phone containing photos, music (ring tones), contacts, and videos (if your phone supports video).

3. Select the pictures that you want to transfer.

Hold the Ctrl key down while clicking on each photo to select more than one, and you'll be able to transfer all of them in one shot (shown below using Ringtone Media).

4. Click the Transfer button to copy them to your PC.

You'll be asked where you'd like to save the pictures on your computer, and then you can copy them from your phone to your computer.

You'll also be able to delete them from your phone if you want to make sure they're removed.

When you're finished transferring these pictures to your computer, you can turn around and connect the usb cable to your new phone and transfer the files to your new phone.

Hope that helps!

Here's a link to get a copy of DataPilot or Ringtone Media, which is money well spent, especially since your screen is broken and you need to get pictures off the phone without having to rely on the screen or phone menus.


I have a similar problem. I have the motorokr Z6m and my screen is broken. It didn't come with a software, so I just downloaded a trial version of ringtone media. When I plug my phone into the computer using a usb corb [because I don't have a memory card] it says that it doesn't recognize the device. Therefore, I'm guessing that's why I can't find the pictures on ringtone media to transfer to my computer. Please help.

I'd like to ask what version of Windows you are running. And did you try and find the cell phone drivers on the manufacturer's website? Hope that helps!

should it still work when the screen is broken and i can not go into the phone menu?

My phone is a nokia 6205 that now is only flashing a black screen and a verizon wireless logo alternately. It has a mini sd slot, but the phone isn't even turning on in a way that I know it is on. Screen is not working for sure. And it doesn't have a usb port that I can tell. Any hope for me?

Thank you!

Ok so, I had a touch-screen with a slide keyboard and the phone was great except it broke in half!! Before then, I was able to connect to my computer but now that it's broken, can I still use the cable to get my pics????? I wanted my pics transferred to my computer so that when I get my new phone, I can just download the pictures. Please help me!!!!!

I am having trouble as well with my husband's company handed out cell phone Razor V3 it is not recognizing the phone/device after it's outside screen broke and it did before it was broke. My husband will be turning it in anyway for a new phone and I am sure they will give him a different one not a razor v3 I we don't want to buy the software and it not work. Can we take it to the AT&T store and have them retrieve the pics and other data from the phone. Please answer asap we need to turn this in so we can get another work cell phone from his boss he hasn't told him yet it is broken cause we have pics we want off the phone first if we tell him then it will be turned off and we won't be able to get our pics. Thank you MR and MRS C.

I am having issues with my phone. i dont have a sd card and now the screen is broken. and on top of that i cant find the cord. damn it

I have a motorola krzr and the screen broke! I can't see anything and for some reason the software on my computer won't let me load anything at all! Can anyone help?

Well I have a touch screen phone and I bought a new one and I would like to get the pictures off my old phone to my computer and I have the usb cord and everything but to connect it to the computer I have to use the screen to click :Connet to pc" but the screen doesn't work. So is there any other way I can get my pictures ot my computer?

My phones screen is not working. yesterday my phone was working like it normal does and today it is not working. how do i get my contacts from the phone i have now to my new phone that i am getting soon? thanks for your help

Is there any way to transfer info if the mobile will not turn on? I've used a USB cable, but my phone keeps turning itself off. Is there anything else I can do?


My samsung tranformer touch from sprint isent working my screen blacked out i need to get some pictures from their but im not sure how to do it.. my cumputer keeps telling me that it dosent recognize that file every time i connect it to it. thanks

I need to transfer my phone book to my PC but my mobile screen was black out and can't see anythings. I'm using windows mobile device,any idea can solve it?

What if you have a galaxy note and the screen is craked where you cant see anything and the charging port is not letting any charger or data cable access the phone...is there any other way ? please help - I have thousands of pics in there

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